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Things I Will Never Get

Sometimes I hate how I get easily frustrated with the people closest to me. Maybe it’s true how they say we tend to have the least tolerance toward our loved ones yet willingly accommodate the folks we barely know. Also, I always thought that loving someone meant accepting all their flaws – and it’s just not fair to anyone that I end up feeling more irritable than anything these days.

Nonetheless, I’m truly lucky to have met the people I know, and I know that I need to snap out of these selfish thoughts soon.



  1. Mich

    I actually know how you feel tbh. I think feeling like that’s really normal because when people are closer to you, you kinda expect more from them. So I don’t see how you are being unfair to anyone. Don’t feel so bad πŸ™‚

  2. Rachel! OMG I know how you feel too! It’s prolly really because we know they’ll always be there for us that we are less nice to them. 😦 It’s a thing I’ve been trying to change too! Don’t worry, just don’t be too irritated with me. Heheh ❀

    • Sigh we’re so mean. Okay, let’s work toward being nicer people! πŸ™‚ And yeah lah I won’t, as long as you don’t annoy me! Hehehe.

  3. sugarpretzel

    Woah this post best describe me at times. But we’ll still be glad we have them at the end of the day. Stay tolerant with me in the mean time rach! ❀

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