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MBS with Melodi!

Last Thursday, Mel invited me over to MBS (Marina Bay Sands) to spend some time with her (and to possibly cure some of her boredom exploring the awesome place alone!) since her mum and aunts were going to have fun on their own. The last time I visited the place was with my family, and we didn’t even do anything there except visit the much hyped about infinity pool (Too crowded at that time!) and jumped on the bed in the hotel room, so I was really looking forward to this visit!

Met her around the evening and we tried out this burger joint near the ice-skating rink in the MBS Mall called Kraze Burger. Initially, we thought it was Japanese because it just gave off this really…Japanese feel. Plus the green and white minimalist decor just made me think that way. Just realised it’s actually Korean teehee.

The yummiest Chilli Cheese Fries I’ve ever had! The fries were crispy on the outside and soft inside, and the accompanying chilli (minced beef thingum) was really good.

Mel’s KB Orginal Burger. Yummeh. The weirdest thing is that our salad sides came with nata de coco. I love those jelly things but it was a really weird to have it with something savoury like a burger.

A very sad looking photo of my chicken burger and I.

Mel being cute.

Loving the Pudding Camera App!! Haha we were experimenting on how the four photos are cut and the results were disastrous. This was one of the only decent photos we took.

And then it was on to visiting the hotel room itself! We wanted to change immediately and check out the pool but we ended up with a lot of nonsensical shots as usual.

*Dies* This is a downright embarrassing photo haha why am I even posting this!!! By the way we actually do have clothes on underneath.

Finally got our asses out of the room and trooped to the pool upstairs, where it wasn’t too breezy so we didn’t die freezing! Honestly, although the pool is gorgeous and all I do think it is really overrated and way too crowded to enjoy. 😦 Plus there are a whole bunch of kids running around the area and attempting to jump into the (shallow) pool so it was pretty disrupting. Still, the view over the edge was pretty awesome!

Hello from the 57th floor of MBS!

Super nice shot I took of Mel hehe.

Our only attempt to take a photo with the city lights behind us. Still blurred! 😦

Another nice shot of her with the ‘some’ scenary behind her!! All of mine turned out too washed out or blur πŸ˜₯

One last happy photo in the pool!

And a whole barrage of other self-absorbed ones back in the hotel room. Since the adults were at the casino we decided that we were very much free to do whatever we wanted AKA our best 80’s disco poses.

Jeng jeng jeng Mel with her best roly poly pose.

Eyebags bleurgh.

I swear my stray hair makes me look like I have a unibrow. Nice or not!

I guess that concludes the end of my first official post here. I really had a lot of fun that night, hehe thanks for inviting me over Mel! Sometimes life just seems to come to a good standstill where you are doing nothing but spending time trying to shuffle to Party Rock on MTV and pigging out on prawn crackers past midnight. It was great forgetting about churning out our internship report that night and just indulge in pure mindless fun.

And also, just got reminded why I have constantly been so lazy to do long posts – Pictures!! Can anyone educate me on how I can insert pictures by the bunches here instead of one by one like I have done for this post? Next up, I plan to work on finally posting about SHINee World in Singapore…and all the other K-Pop related events I have attended and forgot about (Hey I need something to look back fondly on okay!).

Till then!! xx



  1. Mich

    Looking forward to your post on SWC! πŸ™‚ And the bathrobe pic is just… I have no words. HAHA.

    • I know you like it, Michy!!! And I’m looking forward to my SWC post too…but then again I’m already satisfied reading yours and Stef’s…

    • THANKS FOR YOUR SWIMSUIT!! ❀ I didn't even use the nice one in the end cos we only popped in for like…an hour. Zz will go with you next time! See you on Sun! ❀

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