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Two zero one seven


I like taking things nice and slow—which probably explains why I’m only back here again now. Yay! Read More

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Afternoon tea at the Pompompurin Cafe!

Last month, I woke up one Saturday deciding I wanted to visit a themed cafe in Singapore! There was the pop-up Pokemon one (it’s gone now!), but the reviews were pretty bad and it was also crazily overpriced…so I decided to drag Nigel along and checked out the permanent Pompompurin Cafe in town instead.

 photo IMG_3454_zpszgdddpqw.png

 photo IMG_4247_zpskw3yavmt.jpg

What I like about this cafe is that the interior is done up super well! Everything from the colour palette to the decor—down to the way the food is decorated.

While the cafe wasn’t crowded when we got there, we did have to wait around 10 minutes to get seated. They seemed to only have the right amount of staff so everyone is doing something at any one moment. Not a big deal!

We got to pick our seats when we got in, and received a weirdly stern warning from our waitress that once we picked a table we wouldn’t be able to change it anymore. I guess people tend to want to move to the cute booth seats when they free up, but I did think this could have been put across in a nicer way.

 photo IMG_4250_zpsexgx0vkv.jpg

A sneak peek at the menu of mostly sweet treats!

 photo IMG_4251_zpsxnhvzjrw.jpg

 photo IMG_4252_zpsfpmexv7f.jpg

 photo IMG_4246_zpsypfgk8mi.jpg

I picked the Bagel’s Special Pancake Tower (S$21.99) plainly because it’s one of the menu items that includes a complimentary cup for you to bring home! Initially I thought that I had to bring home the cup that was on my plate and was wondering how to clean it—but don’t worry, you’ll get a new one when you’re paying. HAHA.

Also, the cocoa powder on top is PROWARR. If you’re not careful and shove an entire mouthful of cocoa-topped-pancake-piece in your mouth, you’ll have a horrific coughing fit and possibly die in the middle of the cafe. Which is, you know, not very pleasant since it’s a ~magical place of cute~.

 photo IMG_3470_zpswwswol0i.jpg

Really yummy chocolate drink that I caved in and ordered…even though it costs around S$12.90 or S$13.90. The yellow cream on top is a little strange-tasting though.

 photo IMG_4248_zpssthnhnxu.jpg

Nigel had this adorable assortment: Everybody Gather Around! Picnic Plate (S$24.99). Gotta give it to them for the names.

 photo FullSizeRender_zps1pb4jlie.jpg

Us with the adorable mascot centrepiece in the middle of the cafe!

We paid around S$70+ for the both of us, which was expensive for the amount of items we had, but I’d say it’s still worth a visit for Sanrio fans! I’ve never been a huge Pompom fan, but he’s so cuuuuute and sunny-looking that you can’t help but wanna take photos anyway.

Major thanks to Nigel for being a good sport! ❤